What We Do:

The Rushing Rivers Institute provides a variety of services applicable to: Instream Flow Studies Fish and invertebrate habitat assessment, Watershed and local scale river restoration planning, Ecological feasibility studies of dam removal, Nature-like fishway design Impact of Climate Change on rivers and streams

Technical Assistance provided by employees of Rushing Rivers Institute is in assessment of instream habitat for fish and invertebrates, simulation modeling as well as in the design of nature-like fishways. Through the growing pool of our Associates and broad international contacts we can also refer you to experts with expertise in other areas and/or convenient locations.

Project Review We are offering an independent technical review of the quality of environmental impact assessment projects, specifically with regard to the impact on the aquatic fauna due to water withdrawals, hydropower, landfills and development.

Advisory Service: We advise natural resources agencies, industries and conservationists on the sustainable, ecologically protective, and scientifically sound methods for use of water and aquatic resources. We serve on advisory committees for state and federal agencies on the development of resource use rules and regulations. -Data collection/preparation

We have great experience in data collection on streams and rivers, necessary equipment, survey designs and logistics. We know for a fact that the fieldwork reality differs from what you imagine in your office. Our advise in the early project phase will help you save money and reduce frustration.

We apply and develop models necessary for the description of riverine habitat to determine the ecological status, quantify the effect of various restoration measures, flow management as well as predict the impact of development and climate change on the aquatic fauna.

-Fish surveys We conducted numerous fish surveys using electro-fishing and underwater observations. Assessment of fish populations, fish abundances, biomass, age structures on small and large rivers belong to the standard techniques and applications of our team.

-Target and Reference Fish Community assessment We largely automated the process of determining the composition and structure of native fauna in rivers that offers a baseline for assessment of ecological status of rivers and streams and determination of restoration endpoints.

Macro-invertebrates and mussel, odonate and amphibian surveys We can conduct and facilitate the qualitative and quantitative surveys of invertebrates identifying aquatic insects and freshwater mussels. We collaborate with scientist and consultants specializing in these animal groups.

Habitat needs of fish and invertebrates These surveys are designed to determine what habitats are frequented more often by fish communities and invertebrate fauna. We sample large amounts of quadrants with specific habitat characteristics for fish and invertebrates. This data serves as training data for physical habitat models.

Reconnaissance surveys These rapid assessment surveys aim to define key physical characteristics of rivers and streams, delineate sections of particular character and obvious human impacts. These are either on-the-ground or aerial imaging surveys conducted in collaboration with Research Aviation.

Physical Assessment:

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